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Saddle flocking and saddle making in the uk

Thank you George for your brilliant skill and patience with me and Charlotte on your stirrup making course.

- yet another satisfied customer

His Qualifications are City & Guilds. Bridle Making level 1, Bridle Making level 2, Bridle Making level 3,

Saddle Making Level 2, Saddle Making level 3, Harness Making level 2, Harness Making level 3

Our Master saddler/Qualified saddle fitter Started working as a shoe repairer for the prestigious shoe repairers Archibald's of Glasgow many years ago. When the shoe repair trade started moving away from the traditional quality repairs to the while you wait type of repairs he felt it was time for a change.

British Horse Society levels 1, 2, and 3, Horse owners certificate.

He moved to Walsall to become a saddle maker Starting his training at the Walsall college. After this he began working as a trained saddle maker for E.Jeffries, Silhouette Saddlery, And Sandringham Saddle makers. In his love of the leather trade he continued attending night classes learning book binding, and more about the light leather goods trade making handbags briefcases etc.

In this time he gained several qualifications and awards. His First award was the E.Jeffries prize for the highest standards of work. Following this He entered The Master Saddlers competition in London Winning Prizes every time he entered.His most cherished award is his Premium award for side saddle making.

His quality of work and attention to detail was recognised by the Society of Master Saddlers resulting in them asking him to become a examiner on behalf of the society. Accessing the work of the new students entering the trade.

He has travelled the world As a consultant to country's like America, Argentina, France, Holland, India etc.

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